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Letter: Help teachers meet challenges

I write a column for two local papers, and there are plenty of things I choose not to say in the context of my professional practice. But as a taxpaying citizen, I’ll speak plainly. There’s no way to overstate how enthusiastically I support the upcoming bond issue 3B to help fund local schools.

Our public schools are charged with preparing tomorrow’s leaders for a future that doesn’t yet exist. When we neglect that future, when we turn our backs on that promise, we end up with an entire generation of uninspired, uneducated, underqualified and dispassionate citizens. We owe it to our children to ensure schools are safe, well-staffed and inspiring environments for personal, social and academic enrichment. Anything less is sheer negligence, and our kids deserve better.

Our support of local schools requires a little foresight, a collective investment and a commitment to putting our money where our mouths are. When we reprioritize programs that support public education, and generously fund local public school initiatives, our kids have an exponentially better chance of success.

I’m a strategies consultant. I help people figure stuff out. That’s my job. As a former schoolteacher, I understand the daily challenges facing public school teachers in this country. Anything I can do to leverage public education and improve student learning is not just my personal preference — it’s my responsibility as a taxpayer. And I’d argue it’s yours, too. Vote “yes” on 3B.

Evan Zislis


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