Letter: Help in time of need

Thank you, Pathfinders! You were there when we needed you!

Over the Christmas holidays, our family lost a dear friend and extended member of our family. He was in his mid-20s and a close friend of our children. His tragic death was a huge blow, especially just before Christmas. My husband and I had plans to be away for two weeks at that time and really struggled with leaving the family. We did end up going, and we spent the first few days of our trip worrying about the well-being of our kids. They were devastated and having difficulty coping. We were contemplating cutting the trip short and returning home, but none of them wanted us to change our plans. As a parent, it is so hard to see your children in any kind of pain, maybe especially emotional pain! We felt helpless and heartbroken and so far away. We were desperate to find help for them and not sure what to do. Then, perhaps through some divine intervention, it occurred to me to reach out to my dear friend Sean Young and to Allison Daily at Pathfinders. Within minutes (and we are talking Christmas Day), Sean and Allison both responded! The very next day, the two of them met with all of our kids together. Unbelievable! They provided love, support, kindness, guidance and encouragement in a moment of crisis. They were there for all of us! I can’t express the peace of mind and relief this gave me and my husband while we were so far away. I am forever grateful to these two women for what they did for our family.

Thank you, Pathfinders, for the amazing and quality service you provide our valley residents; thank you also for the love and support you provided our family when we needed it while taking you away from your own families at Christmas. The greatest gift indeed.

Jill Steindler

Woody Creek