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Letter: Help adult language learners

It is an unforgettable honor for me to have served on the founding board of English in Action. Since the ’90s, I’ve watched as the organization has changed the lives of many adults and their families in our community. Still today, we operate on a shoestring, utilizing all resources to the max in order to deliver the most services to our community.

In my years working with English in Action, both as a board member and as a tutor, I was constantly amazed at the difference two people can make in each other’s lives. The miracle of sharing language and culture one on one is the highest level of communication, commitment and respect. It brings the humanity of two cultures struggling to understand each other right to your kitchen table — literally. English in Action also provides an opportunity to discover how your learning partner came to be in our midvalley. My student and her 4-year-old son walked from South America to escape the unlivable and unsafe situation they were in. Their courageous journey allowed them to join us here, where safety, shelter and food are taken for granted. And the journey is not over. Language is the next hurdle and is the reason I continue to support the work of English in Action.

English in Action currently serves 250 adult language learners, and there are more than 100 students on our waiting list. We will be the recipient of a $20,000 Challenge Grant from a longtime volunteer if we are able to match it by Aug. 1. With $20,000 from the community to meet the Challenge Grant, we will have $40,000 to serve dozens of eagerly waiting students and launch our three-year, $100,000 campaign to better meet the needs of our valley.

We would very much appreciate your help with our challenge. Your resources will go a long way and make a big difference in the lives of our students and our teachers.

Please go to http://www.englishinaction.org today, and support us at any level that feels good.

Jacque Whitsitt