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Letter: Helmets and pass art

Just a couple of bones to pick, but in a well-intentioned way: The “adults” at the Rio Grande skate park should set an example for the young ’uns by wearing helmets. I walked by the skate park Tuesday, and there wasn’t a single one of at least 10 young men wearing helmets, and why is the helmet rule not enforced by the Aspen Police Department?

Secondly, what is the relevance of the incredibly beautiful mountain scenery of our valley to use and pay for “designer art” on our ski passes? What does what was shown in the Oct. 14 Aspen Times article “Takashi Murakami’s ski pass designs are revealed” represent to the tourist? Why not simply transfer (and not commission the Aspen Art Museum once again!) one of the colorful and gorgeous photos posted regularly by Aspen-Snowmass to the Aspen Skiing Co. passes that depicts the beauty of our mountains and skiing?

My heart sank when I saw the silly-looking and childish art that is being considered for this year’s pass, especially after last season having so many bewildered as to “What the heck does this represent?” when discovering our passes did not imprint mountain or skiing scenery but rather “designer art” for which the Aspen Art Museum had been paid handsomely. As to switching to the tiny blue picture on back of our passes, well, I won’t even go there.

Susan Capiel