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Letter: Hard to walk in the snow

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally addressed to the Aspen City Council.

Dear council members,

Aspen has great skiing, but the city’s sidewalk maintenance is grossly deficient. The contrast with the ski trails is striking. Trails are perfectly maintained while the sidewalks are left covered with snow and ice. I must assume residents have no responsibility for upkeep unlike in other cities, including mine.

I was in Aspen for a ski week in January. Walking to dinner each night without traction cleats was daunting. Even worse was boarding the outbound ski bus near Fifth and Main. The snow around the bus-stop bench had been allowed to accumulate a foot or so and had rounded off on top. There was literally not a flat place to stand for boarding. Trying to keep one’s balance while dropping skis into the outside bus racks without falling into the canyon between the bus and the snowbank was not a welcome start to the day.

You need to fix both problems. Neglecting them is not only inconsiderate — it is hazardous.

W.A. Morgan

La Crosse, Wisconsin