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Letter: Happy without fluoride

Google the health hazards of fluorosilicic acid in our water supply. This toxic substance is what you, your children and your pets drink every day. This is a waste byproduct of aluminum and fertilizer industries. There are actually many uninformed people out there, because if they were informed, there is no way they would want to ingest a toxin like fluorosilicic acid — which, by the way, is in the same category as arsenic and lead. I commend the Snowmass Water Board for its intelligent and informed decision for the health of our community. It wasn’t an overnight decision. It heard both sides over the past three years, and with the new research, one board member said he could never reverse his decision on what he knows. He can not un-know what he knows. Pro-fluorosilicic acid people are asking outside groups to contribute a lot of money for advertising to help reverse the board’s decision to put this poison back in our water. They are scaring the public with their false information about the health problems people will have without this waste in our water. This is insane. The biggest cause of cavities is processed food and sugar. Processed food is loaded with fluoride and is a big cause of weakened bones and teeth. I think it’s time for these pro-fluoride people to stop harassing the Snowmass Water Board members and let them do their job. There is no one more qualified to make the decision to remove this toxic waste than the Water Board. Letting children drink fluoridated water is setting them up for disease in their future. It accumulates in your body and settles in your bones and organs. Your body can’t remove all of it, so it becomes saturated and eventually causes serious diseases. Filtration can’t remove it because it is such a toxic substance. It also is compromising the health of our environment. All of this toxic waste eventually goes into our streams, lakes and oceans and causes imbalance on our planet. This is a crime. Having this poison out of our water helps me rest easy knowing that our children and our pets are not being poisoned every day by this fluorosilicic acid. They trust us to do the right thing for their health. I am fighting for the health of our children and pets. They have no voice in this. It’s time to wake up and take charge of your own health. This mass medication without consent is illegal. What are they going to put in our water next?

Cris Cuda