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Letter: Happy now, tea partiers?

Happy now, tea partiers?

For those letter writers who seek to blame the government shutdown on the Democrats, I would suggest that they view the interview of tea party darling Michelle Bachmann, who on DayOne of the shutdown said, “This is about the happiest I’ve seen members in a long time.”

One only has to look at the news footage that showed smiling, happy GOP members leaving their meeting after succeeding in the shutdown, to know she spoke the truth. Let’s not forget that in 2010, tea party candidates such as Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia campaigned on promises to shut down the government if elected. Let’s not forget, these are the people who took to the streets with posters depicting the president of the United States as a witchdoctor with a bone through his nose. Let’s not forget that these are the “birthers” who seek to de-legitimize our president. Is it any surprise that their sole purpose is to harm the presidency of the man they so despise?

I can only imagine how people in other countries, which are struggling to attain democracy for their people and throw off the tyranny of the few, view what is happening in the U.S. Right now they see that in an American democracy, a small minority can hold a country and its elected president hostage to their demands. They can see that in an American democracy, this small minority can damage the economy of their nation and potentially the world’s economy. That is exactly what tea party members of Congress who were elected by 15 percent of the U.S. population are doing, and doing it with the full cooperation of the Republican party as a whole.

Patricia Crawford


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