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Letter: Happy campers

This letter was originally addressed to the people who call Snowmass Chapel home (or home away from home):

Sweet church! Another phenomenal summer is in the books! Camp Smashbox owes you a big “thank you” and a loud shout-out. Relationships were built, memories were made, and silliness in the name of Jesus engulfed the campus at Snowmass Chapel this season. Kids were living out lives of bountiful adventure!

If you were ever on the campus midweek this summer, you may have had to step over a backpack or two (or 70!). You may have navigated around a craft table, walked past water-balloon shrapnel, seen towels or even pants strewn about the lawn, or had to put your hands up in surrender to avoid getting blasted by squirt guns. You may have had to look past fingerprints on windows, smears of shaving cream on building posts and even the occasional muddy footprint on the rug.

For all this stepping-over and looking-past, we thank you!

And then there’s the stepping-in, the walking-with and the praying-for.

For that we thank you, too.

There were those who stayed up late to fill hundreds of balloons with shaving cream the night before camp began. Those who donated money, horsey-rides, bikes, time or pool passes to make our inner-city girls camp a success. There were those who stepped in when a leader was sick, who stayed late on a Friday to help clean nugget grease off the wall, who ordered more paper towels in a pinch and who wiped down bathroom counters time and time again.

Thank you, sweet church, for being a place for the children. Thank you for sharing your things.

Because share you did.

Do you know that over 300 kindergartners through sixth-graders participated in outreach camps this summer at the chapel? More than 25 seventh- through ninth-graders served as helpers and junior counselors, and 30 high school and college students sacrificed their hearts and souls and dry T-shirts in the name of water wars and Slip ‘n Slides and being all-in for kids at our church!

Add all those people’s parents to the mix, and we’re at 1,065 people involved with our sweet little chapel’s youth-outreach program this summer. Now that is cool!

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them” (Matthew 19:14).

Thank you, people of Snowmass Chapel, for letting them come. We love ya.

Charla Belinski

Snowmass Village

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