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Letter: Hamner: the billion-dollar politician


Dear Editor:

Thanks to the Summit Daily News for its recent reporting on our state Rep. Millie Hamner’s plan to raise our taxes here in Colorado by more than $1 billion.

It is hard to believe that Hamner can be so out of touch. We also learn that her planned giant tax hike will be spent to fund misguided and wasteful education programs. On that list is huge spending on “English-language learner” programs. If we break through the code words, this means lavish spending on special and costly education programs for illegal immigrants and/or their children.

We need to face facts: The taxpayers of Colorado and District 61 cannot be expected to educate the children of Mexico. Hamner’s plan to take money out of the paychecks of all working Coloradans and then spend it on yet another round of wasteful and ineffective education programs is crazy. It is sad to see Hamner’s long history here in Summit County of spending other people’s money to chase extreme ideologies and placate teachers unions with extra cash is now playing out with horrible results at the state level.

Reforming our K-12 education system is essential and might logically start with cutting out current wasteful programs such as the cultlike and failing International Baccalaureate program, narrowing curriculums to focus on basic skills, consolidating facilities where possible, cutting excessive administration staff and rationalizing pension schemes.

Instead of making these hard decisions, Millie says, “Just send more money,” a billion or so for starters. We cannot afford Hamner or her extreme spending agenda. Let’s hope someone, anyone, comes forward to replace Hamner in the next election.

Donald Woodard


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