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Letter: Hamas 101

Bronwyn Anglin suggests that we seem to purposely “not know” the reality of the situation in Gaza (“The deliberately practiced art of not knowing,” Letters, Aug. 10, The Aspen Times).

What we do know is:

• Hamas is a terrorist organization.

• Hamas is an organization dedicated — by its own public pronouncements and published charter — to the eradication of Israel, the death of all “infidels” (that’s us, by the way) and establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

• Hamas fires rockets weekly, or more frequently, into Israel.

• Hamas sends suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians on buses, in markets and elsewhere.

• Hamas prefers to use it resources for weapons of destruction rather than infrastructure and development for the people of Gaza.

What else is there to know?

As for the comparisons to Germany, the better one is those who ignored (i.e. “not knowing”) the Nazis as they rose to power notwithstanding their stated intentions, which they ultimately fulfilled.

James DeFrancia