Letter: Halfway from the truth

Promoters of Base2 have disseminated so many misleading fairy tales, it is hard to pick one on which to comment. I have chosen the fairy tale about “whatever is built at the Conoco lot will be the same size no matter what.” I did the math. The fairy tale isn’t true.

The City Council wants to build Base2 on 5,976 square feet of the Conoco lot (zero setbacks, lot line to lot line). That’s what we would be voting for if we approved ballot question 2A. But the zoning of that lot permits building on only 4,230 square feet of the lot (because setbacks are required by zoning). The math says 5,976 is 41 percent bigger than 4,230. The math also says the size of Base2, therefore, would be at least 41 percent larger than the size of something else built on the lot and conforming to the zoning.

If the fairy tale told by proponents about building size isn’t even 40 percent close to true, what else are they saying that isn’t true?

Defeat Base2. Vote “no” on 2A.

Sandra Dukas