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Letter: Grinch stole my pole

I have a pole set in a bucket of concrete. I sometimes post signs on it and place it in my front yard. For a summer, I had a cool sign that said, “If your dog will not pick up after itself, please pick up after it.” At Thanksgiving, I posted a sign wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. This weekend I decorated it — I spray painted it brown and then I strung a garland on it. I also put some candy canes on it. Yesterday morning, I put a sign on it that said, “Please take a candy cane” — along with pictures of “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Kwanzaa” and “Merry Christmas.” At the bottom was a picture that said “coexist.” When I came home last night, the pole was gone, concrete bucket and all. Merry happy to the Grinch who took my holiday greeting to my neighborhood. I hope you at least eat the candy canes.

Make it a great day.

Ward Hauenstein