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Letter: Great work on sanitation line

I wanted to publicly thank the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District for its exemplary approach to traversing a right of way over our property at 81 Herron Hollow.

Apparently, a clogged sanitation line required the use of heavy equipment to travel back and forth over a 75-yard finished and well-manicured portion of our property to repair the blockage. The Sanitation District had hired Western Slope Utilities, which in turn had hired Aspen Digger to do the actual work. I met John Sprauer, of Western Slope, and Franz Stone and Jeff Mosbarger, from Aspen Digger, along with their helpers.

Everyone approached the project understanding that the line repair would involve a big bucket crane and then a “skidster,” which would be driving perhaps hundreds of times back and forth over our property, creating, literally, a muddy roadway from our manicured path.

Each of the guys involved spent considerable time thinking about how this could be done with the least damage to our property and then made every effort to bring the property back to its original condition. While there are still a few small repairs that need to take place once the weather improves in the spring, we have been very appreciative of the effort to do this “right” and the promise and the follow-through that has taken place to repair our path and lawn.

Although I didn’t meet Tom Bracewell, who I understand was the man responsible for the implementation of this project for the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District, clearly the effort and intent that went into how this necessary repair was handled started at the top with Tom and worked its way through all the first-class guys who were involved. Thank you.

Rick Levin