Letter: Great info on construction mitigation

Let me praise Aspen City Engineer Tricia Aragon of the Aspen Engineering Department on her superb chairwomanship over the May 14 city of Aspen Engineering Construction Mitigation Plan and Learn event at City Hall, which Mark Gould and I attended.

Aragon and her Construction Mitigation and Permit Officer Tony Kornasiewicz were more than well-prepared to answer questions and to go into depth, using plain English, to address the arising questions and concerns from the audience. They provided clarity. They fine-tuned issues, ideas and points of worry in the present 51-page Construction Management Manual. Also, they were open to constructive suggestions for mutual benefit.

Let me mention that Aragon was smart enough to have a substantial number of her department’s personnel on hand to be called upon if she needed them. She did exceptionally well without them.

Upscale jeweler Harry Winston would call Aragon a precious diamond. Christie’s and Sotheby’s, the auction houses, would call her the Hope Diamond.

I am glad I went to this luncheon seminar. It was really worthwhile. I learned a lot.

More guys and gals from the real estate, construction and architectural industries should have been there with Gould and me.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen