Letter: Gravity Production gives a boost to hope

A huge shout-out to Gravity Productions for putting on an amazing event on New Year’s Eve at the Crystal Palace, a fun night benefiting the Aspen Hope Center.

The collaboration for this event was wonderful and refreshing. This young energy is so very needed in our community, and awareness was created for what the Hope Center does.

Amid the fun and excitement of ringing in the New Year in a town that has been written about a great deal for its partying and alcohol use, the Hope Center was astounded at the efforts to offer so much more than just tantalizing drinks. Though alcohol was available, there was such a plethora of healthy elixirs, coffees and snacks being showcased. Many conversations were sparked throughout the night about how important mental-health awareness is to our valley and that by working across age groups and towns, across genders and other roles, so much good, goodwill and connection can be created — not just at the holidays but all throughout the year!

Thanks again, Gravity Productions, and keep up the good work! To learn more about the Aspen Hope Center, go to or call 970-925-5858.

Kristin Koehler

Event director, Aspen Hope Center