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Letter: Grateful for the help

As a 30-plus-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, I have always appreciated the beauty that surrounds us on an everyday basis — the mountains and rivers, the wildlife, the blue skies and the lifestyle that we experience on a daily basis. I have always contended that if I could find a better place to raise my children, then that’s where I would be. This place, at least for my family, does not exist, so here we remain. Something occurred in my life this week that reminded me of the most crucial element of the Roaring Fork Valley, and I am compelled to share with the community. The people who make a difference in our lives are the true reason we live here. Those who recognize my name will know my son and my hero Oliver, who is a severe-needs child and faces many challenges every day. Last week, Oliver received a monetary gift in the mail from Leonard Weinglass, aka Boogie, to help him as well as his family to relieve the stress of our outstanding medical bills as well as other things that will make life a bit better for him. Boogie has never met my son, nor has he ever heard my name, yet through his compassion and generosity, he made an impact on me that will last my lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Weinglass. You have made a difference in my son’s life, and for this I will remain eternally grateful. As I am blessed to have my son, I am also blessed to have you in our lives.

Matt Harrington