Letter: Grant helps Carbondale school

I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to the Aspen Thrift Shop for its generous grant to the Carbondale Community School. The grant we received allowed FCD Prevention Works facilitator Mike Connolly to come to our school the week of Oct. 12, working with all our sixth- and eighth-graders. FCD is a nonprofit organization that provides substance-abuse-prevention education for schools. Since 1976, it has taught more than 1 million students of all ages. This was the sixth year of this program at the Carbondale Community School. The Aspen Thrift Shop grant also supported the school by providing the funding for our part-time school counselor. Without this support, the school would not have a counselor available to our students.

Thanks again to the Aspen Thrift Shop!

Tom Penzel

Principal, Carbondale Community School