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Letter: Grandkids learning to ski in Vail

Dear Aspen Skiing Co.: I still don’t think you get the pricing you charge that is consistently higher than what families and millennials can afford and much, much higher than other Colorado resorts that these families and millennials are flocking to. You say you want to get more American families and millennials, and you offer discounts that just will not attract them.

I will give you an example: This was supposed to be the Christmas my 3-year-old granddaughter was going to learn to ski. I wanted it to be in Aspen, which has given me so many happy memories, especially while I was serving in the Marines (my son is a Marine, as well). My son informed me that he and my grandchildren will be going to Vail this Christmas because they could afford Vail and not Aspen. Even with your published discounts today in the paper, just on lift tickets alone, my son saved almost $800 buying a Vail Family Epic Pass to ski Vail instead of five days of lift tickets for four people to ski Aspen (two adults and two kids). And it is your pricing and Aspen’s lack of manners that are chasing families and millennials away, so they create no memories here, and they don’t even think twice about Aspen. Nobody in this town says, “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” “Excuse me,” “Pardon me,” etc. — words families like to hear. Families don’t like to see tatoos and overgrown beards all over workers’ bodies serving food and giving lessons to children when you are paying such a high price. Bring back some grooming standards. And price lift tickets for families like the family four-pack (for four people) for five days of skiing for $900. Kids get free rentals with adult rentals. Kids stay free. Remember that. And come up with a locals pass so the locals don’t talk bad about you to tourists who post it on facebook from their cellphones right away. This causes far more skiers not to visit here.

Earl Williamson


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