Letter: Good vibrations in Basalt

I’ve always been curious about why people don’t think east Basalt is “vibrant.” A recent letter (which had the tone of the Tea “Potters”) in The Aspen Times by Lollie Schweitzer (“The will of the people,” Commentary, July 29) indicated that the people engaged in the “our town planning” process should have their way and spread development, especially in the former Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park, to increase “vibrancy.”

Well, Thursday evening, after a very good harp performance at the Basalt Library, my wife and I went to eat at Bernard’s. On our walk there, we observed many cars parked in front of Cuvee’s and Asiana’s. Heather’s was jam-packed with people “vibrating,” as was the Brick Pony Club. Bernard’s had space for us, but during our meal the cafe filled up with “vibrating” people. By the time we left for home, the whole town was “vibrating” so much it was difficult to maintain my balance even though I had only one beer!

Gerry Terwilliger