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Letter: Good for environment and community

Good for environment and community

I am writing in support of ballot measure 2A, the proposed Climate Action Tax in Carbondale. Some writers state that they support investing in clean energy but feel it is unfair because they have already invested in conservation, efficiency and/or a solar system for their home or business. Consequently, they feel that the fee is an additional expense.

I want to clarify that the tax would be based on the amount of electricity and natural gas that is consumed each month. Everyone would not pay the same amount. The lower your electricity and gas consumption, the lower the fee that you would pay each month.

Energy-efficiency and renewable-energy investments are exactly what this excise tax would support. The programs that could be offered with the revenue generated from the tax would enable more residents and businesses to take advantage of these programs to reduce their energy consumption and thereby diminish the amount they pay.

The town trustees often use the phrase “sales tax leak.” Utility payments are good examples of financial leaks. Almost every dollar you pay to the utility leaves the community. When you invest in local energy efficiency and renewable energy, more money stays in the community circulation. That’s why 2A is good — for our environment, for our local economy and for Carbondale.

Climate change is the global issue of our time, and climate action starts at home. My monthly household investment of $4 to $5 is well worth Carbondale’s leadership on climate change. A small step for a household, a great leap for mankind.

That is why I am voting “yes” on 2A.

Ken Olson


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