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Letter: Gondola could fix traffic problem

To Mayor Steve Skadron and the Aspen City Council:

If you have been reading the letters to the editor recently — the super-majority of writers have asked the same question that Aspen Times columnist Todd Hartley asked on July 30 (“I can save Aspen $494,000 right now,” Commentary): “Why would anyone vote to spend half a million dollars to study buses vs. rail for a solution to the Entrance to Aspen (and Snowmass) when we already we already know buses and rail won’t work?”

“Surely there could be a better use for that money,” Hartley said. There is.

It’s called the Aspen to Snowmass Aerial Gondola Connection, originating at the Brush Creek Intercept Lot.

It only costs between $30,000 and $50,000 (not $494,000) to bring up the data for the elected officials to make an informed decision about whether the new-age transportation system of an aerial-gondola system would work, connecting Snowmass and Aspen via the Brush Creek Intercept Lot.

On Monday during a regularly scheduled meeting at 5 p.m., the council is scheduled to approve or not approve the $494,000 rail vs. bus study. Public comment is welcome.

My plan is to circulate a petition showing support for the Aerial Gondola Connection via email, online petition and card tables throughout Aspen and Snowmass.

Please email comments or questions to aspen2snowmassaerialconnection@gmail.com, look for the “Fix the Entrance to Aspen” petition online beginning Aug. 5, or sign it in person at card tables.

Letters to the editor are widely read and appreciated.

Together we can fix the Entrance to Aspen

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon

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