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Letter: Go back to the city, dog haters

Go back to the city, dog haters

To the two people who accosted my friend and our dogs Saturday, I would like to address this letter to others in Aspen that forget that this is a small community and it is important to be neighborly.

First, I’d like to say, if you dislike animals so much, perhaps you chose the wrong place to live. But more importantly, there are many trails that allow dogs off-leash and those that do not. If you prefer animals to be on-leash, I suggest you stick to those trails that require leashes.

As a law-abiding citizen of Aspen and Pitkin County, I do not want to have to worry about walking my dog in accordance with the law and being shouted at, cursed at and harassed by angry people. Now, I can’t guarantee that the mountain lions, coyotes and foxes will be on leash, so it that’s a problem for you, might I suggest you move back to the city from which you came. But if you decide to stay in Aspen, I suggest that you learn to be nicer to people that are acting within their rights and are members of your same community.

I realize you may have troubles in your life — I tell my niece only sad people have to be mean — but that doesn’t give you the right to shout, curse and publicly humiliate nice people who are going about their business and enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Aspen. I might also suggest that you get a dog and you’ll find your life much happier and then you will understand the joy of running through the snow on a beautiful sunny day in Aspen with your dog off leash — in accordance with the law.

Renee Grossman


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