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Letter: Global warming isn’t manmade?

Global warming isn’t manmade?

Thanks to Johnny Boyd for his Jan. 10 rebuttal of what columnist Glenn Beaton wrote about my Jan. 6 letter to the editor, which commented on Beaton’s Jan. 4 Aspen Times column, “Fear, Loathing and Global Warming.” I’d like to add that Steve Koonin, the one “scientist” Glenn was able to cite to support his view that global warming isn’t man-made, not only was the former chief scientist for British Petroleum, as Boyd points out, but Koonin has even said the following:

“The human influence on climate is no hoax,” and “continually growing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, due largely to carbon-dioxide emissions from the conventional use of fossil fuels, are influencing the climate.” (Salon, Oct. 1, 2014)

What Glenn is so focused on — the fact that there have been past eras of climate change — is irrelevant. It’s a red herring. Tens of thousands of irrefutable, peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published proving that the period of climate change we are now beginning to experience is caused by humans burning fossil fuels. NASA, NOAA, NCAR, the IPCC and every other scientific body worldwide that deals witih climate change and every climate scientist publishing in peer-reviewed science journals agrees. The few dozen highly vocal individual dissenters all have ties to the fossil fuel industry (see them named and shamed in the DeSmog Blog) and can’t publish in scientific journals because they have no evidence that will stand up to the scrutiny of the peer-review process, so they air their opinions in conservative media outlets like The Wall Street Journal.

This is nothing new. Many decades ago, the petroleum industry hired “scientists” to deny that lead in gasoline had harmful effects, just as the tobacco industry hired “scientists” to deny smoking causes cancer. Now, the fossil fuel industry has a multi-million dollar climate denial operation. (Scientific American, “Dark Money.”)

But I feel pretty sure that none of this will change Glenn’s belief that global warming isn’t man-made. So, let’s try another approach: How about phasing out fossil fuels because carbon pollution causes more than 30,000 premature deaths annually in the U.S. and because it’s created an epidemic of childhood asthma, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, by ending our dependence on fossil fuels, we can dramatically improve our economy, creating millions of new jobs without hurting taxpayers or consumers. There is real data to show this is the case, and most economists agree, including eight Nobel Prize winners. We have a proven way to transition to clean energy and to get countries such as China to do the same. We should do this for the sake of a better economy, clean air and better health alone. If we also save future life on this planet in the process, well, so much the better.

See how we can do it by watching a two-minute video on YouTube: “Fix Climate in Two Minutes For Free,” then check out the volunteer, non-partisan Citizens Climate Lobby website to learn more. Come on Glenn, take a look!

Lynn Goldfarb


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