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Letter: Glenn Beaton’s piece about Bruce Jenner

I agree that Bruce is a stud. I really don’t care if he wants to be male or female. I am just thrilled that he is so comfortable in his skin that he is frank about who he is and that he has said so. But Glenn Beaton’s column quoting “liberals” goes too far (“Bruce Jenner is a stud,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 10). He selects tweets from “libs,” as he calls us, that are offensive. And they are. But a balanced writing should surely have included offensive tweet remarks from “conservative Christians” who he charges the “libs” with targeting poor Bruce in disdain. People’s views about issues including same-sex marriage, gender issues and abortion, to mention a few, are not based on being a “lib” or any other political perspective, and certainly not based on a religious perspective, contrary to Beaton’s missive. So yes, Bruce is a stud. Beaton’s conclusions are misplaced.

Colleen Scissors