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Letter: Give seniors priority

Give seniors priority

How ironic that I am waiting in line to renew my driver’s license at the Glenwood Springs motor-vehicle office while reading about long lines and understaffing in The Aspen Times newspaper.

Now, because I am a senior, I have to go to the DMV to renew my license, and they want to check my eyes.

My firsthand experience was awful. I must agree with the writer that something has to be done. It’s absurd to wait and stand 3 1/2 hours to renew your driver’s license.

There were no immigrants who were holding up the line. All were English-speaking, so let’s get that excuse off the table.

Many on line take so much time because they lost their driving privileges and were going through the hoops with motor vehicles to be reinstated. Others had just moved to our state and were getting a Colorado license. There was a young man getting his first license, a man who lost his wallet and a lady who wanted her name changed on her license.

I and a senior friend of mine who is in his mid-80s had to wait patiently behind all of these people.

We just needed our eyes checked!

Finally it was my turn.

Question: “How can I help you today, sir?”

Answer: “I am here to renew my license.”

Response: “OK — look into the eye-testing machine. Read the top line. Good. OK — now, there is a light blinking. What side is it blinking on?”

Answer: “On my left.”

“Now where is it blinking?”

“On my right.”

“Good again. That will be $22. OK — sit down, and someone will call you and take your picture.”

I timed my interview and eye test. It took three minutes. A little longer for my friend: five minutes. He likes to talk a lot.

The ordeal was over. It took 3 1/2 hours!

Good gravy — there has to be a better way!

How about this idea? Let seniors go to the head of the line. We just need our eyes checked. Our backs and feet will thank you.

And here is another idea: How about all candidates running for office be required to get their driver’s licenses renewed before they can get their names on the ballot? At the DMV office, and no cheating. They have to personally apply. Incumbents, also.

I will bet you things will get better if the Hickenlooper also has to wait on line.

Dennis Fitzpatrick


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