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Letter: Give pot a chance

There is something amiss in the valley. A very vocal minority is creating a huge mess for a local business, and it’s time someone says something that’s rational.

Why such a tiny group of people are choosing to lynch Aspen resident Jordan Lewis is beyond me. Instead of forcing Lewis down a path that could kill his business, it’s time to help lift him up. Marijuana is not going away in Colorado, and since it’s here, I want Lewis leading the way.

If the only way to legitimize this industry is to get behind the most legitimate guy in the game, then I’m on board. Enough of chasing High Valley Farms and Lewis out of this area. Lewis has committed to investing an inordinate amount of money and energy into transforming the marijuana industry into something people don’t cringe over. This industry is not going away in Colorado. Instead, Lewis is turning it into something we can all be proud of. Have you driven by the facility? It looks like a winery straight out of Napa. I couldn’t believe that a pot guy would spend that kind of money on highfalutin Aspen architecture, and what a neat building to showcase a product that we — as Coloradans — voted to make legal.

Give Jordan the chance to fix his odor issue once and for all. His public plea in the paper said he is going to have a solution by Sept. 15. Has he already showed us that he’s willing to do everything in his power — which includes dumping (apparently) millions of dollars toward any fix the council requests — to make things right? He has. That point isn’t even debatable. This is the guy we want leading this industry. We can’t let 10 people chase him out of town. This isn’t right.

I am terrified to press “send” because I don’t speak up and I don’t like to create a stir. But this has gone too far. I support small business. I support Lewis. And I support his commitment to making pot a safe and legitimate business.

Annie Corbin