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Letter: Give parking to Denver’s tribe

The Rocky Mountain Institute sold 30 acres of land and a driveway for $8.5 million (man, I am really in the wrong business — I should be selling driveways) way back in 2013 and never once considered how “John Denver’s tribe” was going to access Denver’s land legacy of the remaining 927 acres of Windstar. And they were allowed to get away with it.

Let that be a lesson to everyone: Never share a driveway with anyone, and be careful whom you trust.

The subject of driveway access and a parking lot (big enough for a dozen cars and/or a few horse trailers) should have been addressed before the Rocky Mountain Institute was allowed to accept its generous check.

I’m not blaming the new owner — if you pay that much for a driveway, you shouldn’t have to allow other folks to use it. Though, I must say, if I was going to have a few dozen people wandering down my driveway every week or so, I would want them to be “John Denver folks.” We are a peaceable bunch until you get on our wrong side.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has received a bonus of $8.5 million. Why can’t it buy Windstar’s nature preserve a new driveway and a small parking lot?

Maybe 10 percent of the proceeds of the millions of tourist dollars spent in the Snowmass and Aspen area every year by admirers of Denver’s could go toward providing the nature preserve with a tiny parking lot so we visitors can enjoy the area that John set aside for us.

If he were still here, this never would have happened, and his tribe would not be collectively shaking their heads over the greed and thoughtlessness of some people.

Sue Hutchings

Westport, Ontario