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Letter: Give Obama’s peace a chance

Give Obama’s peace a chance

Am I high or does Melanie Sturm think that Ronald Reagan single handedly tore down that wall? That a diplomatic speech by a B-list actor made all that happen on his own? Does that mean that diplomacy works? I think it took JFK, LBJ, RMN, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior and a few trillion dollars to accomplish that. Kind of the same with Iran, hopefully. Give Obama’s peace a chance. If it doesn’t work, then have a plan B in place — a quick one at that. I really hope our government can make something different happen this time. It will be better for the general population of Iran and maybe it will make things better in the Middle East. Middle Eastern and Persian governments and people need to build wonderful things again. Not just destroy them. Perhaps this will be a start.

Miles Knudson