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Letter: Give a public apology

Regarding Base2, the first great affordable-lodge project in years:

The drama at the City Council meeting, specifically Bert Myrin’s comments, regarding the Base2 application is confusing to many.

First, the four long-standing members of the City Council — Mayor Steve Skadron, Adam Frisch, Art Daily and Ann Mullins — and City Attorney Jim True each did a fine job in an extremely difficult environment.

It is simply unacceptable for Myrin to insult a developer who has shown nothing but good intentions toward the city of Aspen.

He has always kept his word — when he said he would build the Gap building lower and on time, he did both.

He asked for darker stone but was told otherwise. The building is darkening and actually is rather lovely.

He tried in very good faith to do affordable lodging. He would astoundingly try to get the doors open on Base2 before the 2017 World Championships, given half a chance.

He innocently thought, after thinking further, that the right action at this juncture is to send this to the voters, which is what most thinking people today are scratching their heads about: Is this not what Myrin wanted with all his petitioning?

There should indeed be an actual apology from Myrin to Mark Hunt publicly. The twisted, half-baked thing he did last night was insulting, clearly to Hunt but to all the people who like Base2 and have been waiting for affordable lodging without speculative real estate for a very long time.

Phyllis J. Bronson