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Letter: Getting real about America’s politics

In her letter “Columnist missed several points” (The Aspen Times, May 30), Martha Aarons astutely observed that Donald Trump’s political playbook is derived in large part from Niccolo Machiavelli and Adolf Hitler. She could have thrown Saul Alinsky into the mix, as well.

However, she is off-base in asserting that Trump “blame(s) specific ethnic … and religious groups for all our problems.” Rather, what he blames are the two political parties that have colluded to render existing immigration laws null and void for their own selfish ends.

Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border is not anti-Latino but is a defensive response to the social chaos that pervades Latin America, from Ciudad Juarez to Caracas, just as his metaphorical wall against Muslim immigration is a response to the chaos that is steadily engulfing Europe, thanks to its failed experiment in New World Order multiculturalism, which hardly ever works unless it’s enforced by a totalitarian state.

Trump’s appeal is not to “the lowest common denominator of our society” — by which I assume Aarons means our inherently “racist” nature — but to our common sense, which “commoners” appear to possess in greater abundance than our “elites.”

His candidacy is the unintended consequence of a government that we commoners perceive to be bloated, inefficient, incompetent and corrupt, in which billions of dollars disappear into 100 different sinkholes, and no one is ever fired or prosecuted. Further, it is a government that plays a leftist ideology off against traditional American values and appears to profit no matter which way the wind is blowing.

In short, we have a government that no longer governs on behalf of its citizens, because the political class no longer finds it profitable to do so. This is a recipe for a populist revolution and another Machiavelli, and we will get the Trump that we deserve.

If we don’t elect him, we’ll get something worse.

Chad Klinger


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