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Letter: Get out of the haze and get to work

In response to The Aspen Times editorial from Feb. 7, I will stand up for any adult’s right to get stupid as long as they are not a threat to anyone other than themselves, but I would ask that The Aspen Times look beyond the smoke haze, and if possible, take a sober look at our next complex public health issue.

I want to thank Pitkin County Commissioner George Newman for “not drinking the THC Kool-Aid.” The county and the city should take a longer, harder look at what they are sanctioning. The Aspen Times could serve the public by doing some research and in-depth reporting on emerging trends in retail THC culture in the other resorts and cities mentioned before so eagerly jumping on the stoner bandwagon. Just asking the questions about what is being sold, in what form, how strong it is relative to the usual smoke and why does it have to look and taste like kiddy candy and soda pop might be good places to start.

Follow up with an interview with doctors at the ski resort medical clinic, or the local counseling center on emerging trends in ski accidents, public health and workplace issues. Social workers speculate that the Colorado Rockies’ unusually high suicide rates may be tied to diverse factors such as elevation, number of nearby bars and drug and alcohol abuse. Opening the THC tap slowly is in the best interest of our community, despite the howls from those who stand to gain financially from it.

Greg Poschman


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