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Letter: Get on it, Snowmass

The last Snowmass council meeting again gave us understanding why we are not keeping pace with the economic recovery seen elsewhere.

The two councilmen who were on the right side of the Suiter issue have now taken the wrong side of the vesting issue seemingly for the sake of being obstinate. As always, there are multiple paths available to achieve the same ends. At its essence, the path offered by the developer moves us toward our desired outcome of a Limelight hotel and an animated village core. Yes, it needs some language modified to keep our town interests protected, but why the need for the public spectacle?

Curtail the drama, change some wording, define a few terms, and the current proposal keeps the town’s interests as priority while enabling forward progress. Base Village needs to find a path to some kind of substantial completion for our guest experience and our own.

Get on with it.

Scott Calliham

Snowmass Village