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Letter: Get guests into Old Town

If Lowe Enterprises didn’t exist, what would the residents’ vision be of the Pan and Fork property?

Whatever does end up there needs to support local businesses, recreation, art and public use.

A smaller hotel (the size of the lodging we already have) would not compete with the lodging establishments already in Old Town Basalt.

Food carts are a different experience than going to a restaurant, so I don’t think the two would be competing.

We want to draw visitors into Old Town Basalt. A big, dumb hotel and restaurant will not only ruin the ambiance of Basalt but take away from the beds we already have established here. And the restaurant would allow those who stay at the hotel to remain self-contained; not even come into town because they can eat right on the park that we built for them.

Condos vacant at Willits and foreclosure condos in Basalt are not encouraging to me. To accept 30 more (unaffordable) condos in town when so many are vacant is not reasonable.

The Pan and Fork property needs to be a recreation- and community-orientated public amenity similar to the park in Telluride. It creates revenue for their town.

So what is the real vision?

Patrice Becker