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Letter: Gas companies win — again

Gas companies win — again

Source Gas recently informed me that I have no coverage for gas pipe repairs inside my house. I can pay monthly to have coverage, or I am responsible for any repairs to pipes in my house, “and that could cost hundreds of dollars,” I am told.

If I set my cruise control to the speed limit, and go through a reduced-speed intersection without adjusting to the reduced speed, I can get pulled over. If I admit my fault to the peace officer and say I am sorry, does that clear me from any fines for speeding or wrongdoing?

“The leak from a pressure gauge on a pipeline leading from Bargath’s gas processing plant resulted in high benzene levels in ground water and occasional small amounts of the carcinogen in Parachute Creek” was the third paragraph in Saturday’s Associated Press article. The company was found “in violation for releasing hazardous materials to the environment without a permit but ordered no fines.”

Also, “The agreement calls for a payment of $8,400 to reimburse division staff for its time working on the matter to date and to pay for future expenses.” Eight-thousand dollars! So we value “division” time more than our natural resource of water, in the Crapitalistic pursuit of natural resources (natural gas) so a company can make huge profits!

If the gas leak was caused by a faulty gauge on a pipeline leading from their processing plant, should they not be held more accountable? Do they not have employees whose job is monitoring pressures of pipeline, or would employing someone to do that cut into profits to much?

I am not hypocritical— I too use natural gas for heat. But profiteering form natural-resource extraction, and admitting a leak occurred, should not absolve your from penalties. At the very least they are guilty of not overseeing and maintaining proper pressure in the pipeline — faulty gauge or not.

Also,it should be illegal to release “hazardous materials into the environment” —permit or not! There should be no permit for it! But I guess a “small amount” is OK!

John Norman


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