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Letter: Gardner’s minority view on climate change

Gardner’s minority view on climate change

When Sen. Cory Gardner campaigned as a “different kind of Republican,” I had hopes he would truly represent Coloradans, 70 percent of whom believe in climate change and want our government to address the problem. His vote denying humans have an impact on the climate does not look good for representative democracy. Perhaps his vote reflects a fear the costs of controlling atmospheric carbon would hurt our economy.

Even climate-change deniers can embrace a plan known as “Carbon Fee and Dividend,” which non-partisan studies have shown will create millions of jobs and boost the economy all while cutting our carbon emissions in half through a free-market approach. Even if Gardner chooses to represent the 19 percent of Coloradans who chose to deny climate change, he should sponsor a carbon fee and dividend bill purely for the economic benefits. That way, he could represent all Coloradans.

Peter Westcott