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Letter: Gardening gurus

The Cottage has had the opportunity to work with Busy Beavers Gardening on our playground-remodel project. Arabella, Jason and their team were amazing to work with. Not only did they have amazing design ideas, but they had such a can-do attitude about getting this job completed and perfect for all of the children at our school.

Arabella did substantial research about early-childhood education before working on-site. Arabella and Jason have been gracious enough to donate $1,100 worth of flowers to our project. Without their dedication to our project and school, our playground would not look as beautiful as it is today.

Busy Beavers Gardening is a top-notch company. It shows great care in all the work it does. The team works hard and has fun doing it. We are so grateful to have had it as a huge part of the playground remodel and transformation.

Christina Holloway

Director of The Cottage