Letter: Full-moon fun at Buttermilk

Wow! Only in Aspen, and thank you to Aspen Skiing Co.

On Monday, my family and I participated in our first full-moon skin to the Cliffhouse at Buttermilk.

I can’t say it was a blizzard, but it was snowing pretty hard along with a blustery winter wind, but that didn’t stop hordes of us from heading out for an evening hike or skin. Where else, at 6 in the evening on a cold, snowy day, would the parking lot at the base of Tiehack be almost full with uphill enthusiasts?

We had our 11-year-old with us, who planned to hike with skis on his back while I carried his boots up the mountain. Well, Skico thought of everything, having a snowmobile and sled at the base to ferry up kids, skis and boots along a subtly lit path of bamboo poles. Our son Henry and his buddy Judd hiked up together, talking and laughing the entire time (what do 11-year-olds talk about, anyway?), and both felt proud and accomplished and famished — enjoying a terrific and well-deserved big slice of prime rib. With plenty of ski patrol on the mountain, a DJ at the top and a full and smiling restaurant staff serving us great Mongolian barbecue, wines, beers, and daily Cliffhouse fare, what could be better? And the ski down at night was fun and special for the kids and all of us!

A fantastic and memorable evening. Thanks, Skico. A total blast.

Rick Levin