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Letter: Frustrated motorist needs to look in the mirror

Frustrated motorist needs to look in the mirror

I read with great amusement about the courtesy that is expected in the merge lanes on Highway 82 (“Selfish drivers,” letters, March, 10, The Aspen Times).

You must be one of those drivers that not only while on the road, but also at home, expect and demand others to cater to all aspects of your life. You are probably one of many who say, “Well, it’s only a stop sign if people or cars are present.” You are probably the one who disregards red arrows on the stoplight if your in a hurry. You are probably the one who drives through the airport to beat the morning rush and ends up three minutes ahead of everybody on their way into town.

You repulse me, and it is a good thing you did not give your vehicle’s description, for I would have made it my mission to never yield to you. How does it feel to be so high on life that everybody else is to bow to your presence? This is the entitlement so many have that irks me. Highway 82 goes from two lanes to one. One of these lanes is continuous (the right), and the other is not (the left.) It is courtesy to alternate, but not the rule of law. Your lane is ending and it is up to you to speed up or slow down to merge with traffic. Judging from your holier-than-thou attitude, you probably speed up.

Aaron Anderson


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