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Letter (Friday, Aug. 9): If you dig it, they will come


If you dig it, they will come

Dear Editor:

Flounder or flourish?

Call to the Aspen business community: Please mobilize all of you who have much to gain (or lose) and realize it’s more important to look forward than backward regarding an underground parking garage beneath Wagner Park.

Short-term thinking is that there will be some dust and turmoil for a time — long-term thinking is that Aspen’s traffic congestion will be reduced and retail and restaurant businesses will surge!

As far as the expense of an underground parking garage is concerned, we need to find locals with the vision and wisdom to realize local businesses and restaurants are losing money because there’s no place to park in the core.

People on Red Mountain tell me they don’t come to town to shop or dine because there’s no place to park. Businesses and restaurants would benefit financially and the city would benefit from tax revenue, if people could come to town and park while they spend their money. Just because the decision wasn’t made years ago to build an underground garage in the core doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done now.

Better late than never — because Aspen’s future depends on it.

Susan O’Neal