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Letter: Freedom of choices

Is Snowmass Village a part of America? Is this not America, a land of freedom of choices, especially the choices concerning our body and our health? Why does this pro-fluoride group insist on imposing their limited knowledge (does anyone dare to say you know it all with 100 percent certainty?) on the health effects of fluoride on the whole populations to add fluoride to our drinking water without consent? Why could you not leave the water free of fluoride and the believers, like yourselves, can use fluoridated products readily available at your own will instead of dragging the rest of us with you? You do not need us, the non-believers, to hold your hands to go down that path, or do you? If you insist upon adding this toxin to my drinking water, I will lose my freedom and right to enjoy the tap water which I pay for.

So, leave the water free of any additives except the naturally occurring elements and leave the choices of additives to people themselves! One could even predict that, according to your theory — fluoride is good for the teeth; lets medicate everybody — we’ll have Prozac added to our drinking water down the road because it is good for somebody’s mental health.

No on fluoride! Let’s have our drinking water without any additives and let freedom of choices ring!

C.C. Jacobson

Snowmass Village