Letter: Fourth of July concert was un-American

Dear Mr. Fletcher (Alan Fletcher, CEO of Aspen Music Associates):

My wife and I want to express our disappointment with the music selections chosen for the July 4 concert at the tent. Since that day we also have heard from several of our friends from the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond who like us had looked forward to a July Fourth patriotic concert based on most of the previous July Fourth concerts at the tent, only to wonder why there was only one patriotic march and that was played during the encore.

Aspen’s July Fourth concert has been a highlight of our Independence Day celebration with our family, friends and business clients for many years. We look forward to the patriotic music, the clapping, the singing along, the laughing, and especially when the armed forces are acknowledged. This year’s concert was a huge disappointment for my wife and I and many people we have spoken with. I guess that was obvious since many people got up and left both the tent and the lawn well before the concert was over. The music at this year’s concert was nicely done but obviously not right for a July Fourth celebration. It was more like background music for a picnic or a recital. We attend numerous concerts every summer and have almost always enjoyed and appreciated the music, the artists and the performances.

We are asking that you reinstate the usual number of patriotic marches and music into the July 4, 2016, concert and, if you decide not to for whatever reasons, will you please make announcements in the newspapers and radio beforehand that the July 4 Independence Day concert will not be a patriotic concert and list the politically correct music selections which have been chosen. Then we can do something else that day and not leave the tent sad and frustrated like we and many people we know did this July 4.

Thank you for your understanding of our desire to truly celebrate the wonders of our nation on July Fourth.

Mickey and Susan Spalding