Letter: Forget recall, vote for Torre

Forget recall, vote for Torre

Dear Editor:

Marilyn Marks has really outdone herself in coming up with her “total recall” scheme (Aspen Daily News, May 20). It is a head-spinning plan to be sure, and one that will get people talking about Aspen City Council’s appointment process. But let’s face it: It will only breed bitter political infighting.

Of course, if Torre were to win this would all be avoided. But should Steve Skadron win, and if Marilyn were to somehow pull off this latest stunt of hers, it would open the door for the likes of Maurice Emmer or some other wealthy new Aspen conservative to have a seat at the council table.

It’s really too bad Skadron so badly wants the title of mayor. That’s his choice of course, but it is a real head-scratcher on why Mick and the Big Dems are backing him and not Torre. Skadron already has a seat at the table and becoming mayor does not change the power of his vote when important issues must be made. No matter what, Skadron will be on council for two more years!

Torre, on the other hand, will be lost from council should Skadron prevail and as Marilyn’s “total recall” scheme demonstrates, the city’s appointment of the open seat will turn into a three-ring circus. Throughout his distinguished tenure on City Council, it is Torre who has stood tallest in defending Aspen’s unique character. He has earned the community’s respect and deserves your vote.

So let’s forget all this “total recall” nonsense and simply put the best candidate in office.

Vote for Torre!

Spencer McKnight