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Letter: For a younger, vibrant Aspen

The opponents decry Mr. Hunt’s efforts to address one of their big issues – parking. They say it is too late. Maybe, but they seem mad about his efforts to address the issues that they are highlighting. Interesting.

My view is we have one of two choices. Get better, or get worse. The opponents seem to want a third, but not possible choice – don’t change. Change is the one constant and those against change might as well wish they could grow younger with time. Can’t stop it.

There will be change, all we can hope to do is guide it. I personally feel that the Base2 Lodge is a good idea, in a good location. If the Hotel Jerome is appropriate on Main Street, the much smaller Base2 Lodge sure feels appropriate to me. I respect the other side of this debate but for me, I like the vibrant, fun, exciting Aspen. When I grew up here it was dead-quiet for months, and many here thought that was great. Sorry, I thought it was boring. So I am not a “Quiet Years” guy. I can get why so many old timers are against this, “Aspen is already too busy and we don’t need more.” They don’t want to live through construction. I hear you, but the choice is not no change vs. change.

For me, I think if one puts any stock in the future, some planning needs to go into it. I think this will be “affordable” and for me, most importantly, desirable to the traveling market and add to diversity and vibrancy in Aspen. This place is turning into a frickin’ old folks home (Turn it down, turn it off, stop that nonsense, it’s too busy, it’s too late, oh the good old days … blah blah), and I think there is a chance this will help to add a younger element to the community of fun seekers. I’m for it.

Scott Writer