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Letter: Fooled over ‘free range’

I’d like to thank Dawn Shepard for graciously and diplomatically showing me the dark truth about the candy-coated marketing ploys that intoxicate the oblivious consumer into thinking they are being humane, ethical and sustainable in consuming “organic,” “free-range” and “cage-free” poultry and livestock.

As a “conscious consumer,” I was as insensible and arrogant as my dog-loving neighbor — choosing not to feel compassion for the beautiful creatures we exploit, humiliate, torture and murder. For over 30 years, I strutted my non-mammal, pesco diet while turning the other cheek to the barbaric practices of all other animal-product or -byproduct industries (leather, wool, milk, dairy, seafood, down, cosmetics and entertainment) that inflict pain, fear and humiliation on animals. What’s more, and can no longer be ignored, is the horrific environmental impact of the agriculture industry and what it means for the future of our planet.

Please take a few moments this holiday season to be thoroughly informed, and reverently share the truth about the torment and slaughter of emotion-feeling creatures that don’t have a voice of their own. One good source, for starters, is Gentle World (www.gentleworld.org). For nearly half a century, it has helped adults and children embrace a healthy lifestyle that honors humane and ethical values.

Another popular eye-opener is the documentary “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.” Like “Blackfish,” it will rattle you to rethink.

My mentor Shepard, among other healthy lifestyle practices, writes a weekly newsletter for Aspen Meatless Monday, highlighting articles and recipes based on a plant-based diet.

One more food for thought: Can we at least agree on banning the sale of foie gras in Aspen?

Wendy Nanon Smith


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