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Letter: Following Vail Resorts’ massive footsteps?

Following Vail Resorts’ massive footsteps?

Well, let me congratulate Aspen Skiing Co. for taking a baby step to follow in the massive footsteps of mighty Vail Resorts by venturing in the Sun Valley-Ketchum region of Idaho.

I’d like to give some vital direction to Skico and any bold person wanting to make a claim in Sun Valley, Ketchum or the rest of that area.

I studied the area and prospected it in spring 2013 and beyond. It was one of my personally targeted sales territory.

The most important consideration is to read the 2010 “Sun Valley Economic Study” done by then-Sun Valley City Councilman Bob Youngman about the Ketchum-Sun Valley economy.

Even big-wigs in the Idaho State government wanted to hear what he had to say. You should digest it.

oungman is a scientist who pushed for business and economy sanity and growth in his area. He has a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in solid state physics.

The Sun Valley-Ketchum Chamber and Visitors Bureau is no more, so you must deal with the Sun Valley Marketing Alliance.

Ketchum City officials visited Aspen in the not too distant past, if my memory serves me right. Youngman’s talk to them did get them going, I can assure you.

Last, in 2009, the “Idaho Mountain Express” published my letter to the editor about Ketchum’s government organizational change.

Enuff said!

Best wishes,

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.