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Letter: Focus on affordable housing in Basalt

The affordable-housing proposals of Lowe Enterprises and Ace Lane Tree Farm Development are not attainable by the working class in the Roaring Fork Valley. A local worker would need an income of more than $100,000. A teacher, firefighter, social worker, etc., will have a hard time even qualifying to buy what has been labeled as affordable. Instead of affordable housing, they should call it elite housing. The lowest price on these developments, $400,000, will push the midvalley into becoming gentrified.

This must stop! Attainable housing should be the No. 1 concern for the developers, the Town Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

What about employee housing? Lowe Enterprises plans to build a big, dumb hotel. Where will the employees of this hotel live? The employee housing needs to be built at the same time as the dumb hotel, not after the hotel has been built.

How does a hotel guarantee vitality, anyway? Would the people heading for Aspen on the Fourth of July have stopped in Basalt to see a big, square box with a bunch of rooms? I doubt it.