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Letter: Fluoride? No thanks

Hats off to Tom Lankering for the letter regarding dumping this stuff into our water supply (“Stop water fluoridation,” Letters to the editor, The Aspen Times, May 2).

We need to learn the type of fluoride added. Let’s have one of the bags (of fluoride added to the water) tested. I think you will find that 90 percent of the fluoride added to our water comes from extremely toxic waste (silicofluoride) from China — it says “Made in China” on the bags.

Aluminum and fertilizer factories are heavy polluters. They attempt to recover many of the contaminants that would otherwise escape through their smokestacks with devices called scrubbers. This highly toxic junk collected from the scrubbers would cost corporations about $9,000 a truckload to properly dispose of (almost 100 million per year).

Besides fluoride, this poisonous soup contains lead, cadmium, mercury, radium, arsenic and other contaminants. So instead of paying to dispose of this material in a toxic dump site, the aluminum and fertilizer industries (in China) actually get paid for it. Cities throughout the country buy this witches’ brew, which contains less than 18 percent total fluoride, add it to their water supplies and claim they are performing a public service — it is actually a corporate service.

The Food and Drug Administration calls it an “unapproved drug.” If it is unapproved, how can they allow it in our water?

Lisa Bolerjack