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Letter: Flouride is a personal choice

It appears that there are those who are spending a lot of time and money to discredit the Snowmass Water and Sanitation Board’s decision to eliminate fluoride from the town’s water supply. I am not sure why this is, other than they are totally uninformed in regard to the source of this product, its toxicity and its potential negative effects to human health. It also is important to focus on the issue of individual rights, personal freedoms and the concept of unprescribed medication of the public.

If I was approached by anyone stating that they had a substance — a toxic by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, primarily in China, which is packaged in bags covered in skull and crossbones and labeled as extremely toxic to humans — and they said that this substance may help prevent cavities, so let’s add it to your public water supply for mass, unmonitored medication of our population, whether they are 8-pound babies or 250-pound grown men, my question would be, “What level of insanity have you attained?”

It would be in all water that you drank, all beverages, cooked foods, baby formula, mother’s milk, vegetables grown and watered, absorbed through the skin — our largest organ — who knows the individual dosage?

Current science stands strong in the adverse effects linked to this substance.

The substance added to water is sodium fluorosilicate, a known toxic product not naturally occurring fluoride.

Scientific understanding progresses and provides new insights with time. Current science indisputably indicates the negative effects of this substance on long-term health.

Keep in mind that those who promote fluoridation are the same folks who brought to us the gift of mercury amalgam fillings. How has that worked out for us?

If an individual feels he or she must have fluoride, then there are many options — drops, vitamins, toothpaste — you can get them through prescription and it’s your choice! For those of us who have high or extreme sensitivity to fluoride toxicity, we should not be forced to be exposed and force-fed this additive.

There are 50 reasons why not to have this added to our water (Google “50 reasons to eliminate fluoride”) and maybe one highly debatable reason to add it.

The big issues are the opposition to the mass-medication of the public and the right to have the cleanest water possible,

Ninty-eight percent of Europe has eliminated fluoridation of water. City after city in the U.S. are moving toward elimination of fluoride from their water, including Colorado Springs, Durango, Carbondale and Telluride.

The issue has been on the radar of the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District for the past three years, and has recently come to a point of critical mass and concern. It is an issue that has been studied, discussed, debated and deliberated. The decision to eliminate the addition of fluoride to the public water supply is in the best interest of the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District constituents in regard to its mission statement to “provide the cleanest water possible at the best cost.”

It is important, and it is possible, for the public to be informed on this and any other topic concerning them. I feel that if the time and interest were taken, then this same conclusion will be drawn for any caring and intelligent individual.

David Dawson

Aspen WaterWise, LTD

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