Letter: Fishbone’s performance was offensive and vulgar

Fishbone’s performance was offensive and vulgar

Thursday night I attended the finale show of the Snowmass concerts on Fanny Hill to see Fishbone play. I expected a fun evening as I have seen them play several times in the past when I lived in California.

Fanny Hill was more crowded than any show this summer, packed to the top with valley residents and families. The show was hopping and quite entertaining … and then it happened.

As an intro to Fishbone covering Sublime’s song “Daterape,” the band found it necessary to drop multiple “F”-bombs in reference to the feline genitalia, graphically suggesting that all need f-ing. Are you f-ing kidding me, Fishbone. Do you have a clue that you are not playing a late-night show at the Galaxy Theater in Fullerton to a thug crowd of SoCal twenty-somethings?

There are children of all ages at this event clear as day, or did you not see the facepainting booth, etc.? This is obviously not a venue to discuss your graphically deviant philosophy that all girls (apparently regardless of age) should want to get f-ed.

It was an embarrassment to anyone with a conscience. It also probably violated the innocence of many young children, girls and boys who heard your spewing X-rated verbal diarrhea.

By the way, for those who don’t know, the song “Daterape” was written to demonstrate how wrong the entire concept is. The song needs no creative license of sloppy vulgarity as an introduction.

I love the incredible musical talent of Fishbone, but you guys used extremely poor judgment. It’s one of those things in society where one guy ruins it for everyone. Like why we’re not allowed to bring our own alcohol to these shows anymore. Because people who can’t control themselves end up in lawsuits. Then everyone must endure the consequences.

Do we now need to have contracts with bands agreeing upon forfeiture of fees that they not verbally assault the innocent ears of our youth at these shows? Do we really need to state that you not speak in literal X-rated language to mixed age crowd of thousands?

As talented as you are Fishbone, it goes to show that music can’t buy class.

Dennis Burns

Snowmass Village