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Letter: Fighting for the privacy of all citizens

While I hold no tolerance for terrorists of any kind whether they come from another country or live right here on U.S. soil, maybe even in Washington, D.C., I absolutely agree with the call of Apple CEO Tim Cook not to create a new back door to one of his products even in light of the San Bernardino, California, shooting.

Cook could gain great favor with the FBI and the government if he had his programmers create a back door to bypass the digital locks protecting consumer information. However, he sees that if this is accomplished, there would be a much greater risk to all iPhone consumers in this country and around the world because this technology would be unleashed and in all likelihood replicated, meaning that any information could be hacked by their government for whatever reason they choose.

Like Edward Snowden before him, who felt it his civic duty to alert the citizens of the United States how their own government has been violating their privacy rights and spying on them, Cook is doing his job to protect the American public from an already morally and ethically corrupt government. Our very own U.S. government has so arrogantly and blatantly found so many ways to butcher the Constitution in order to take away our civil liberties and freedoms as if we were the terrorists.

As I mentioned, I hold no tolerance for terrorists, and I equally hold no tolerance for the possibility that the U.S. government could be using this incident, which could have very well been staged by certain people in our government to create a back door they have been “legally” looking for to violate the privacy of and hack any person’s phone they choose, unbeknownst to the user.

I hate to even think about this being a real truth, but given their past track record of spying and lying, I stand behind Cook 100 percent, and if you value your privacy, you may want to get in line. While I would never wait in line for a new iPhone that has come out, I would gladly be at the head of this line.

Alecia Evans